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I just love a good floral arrangement tutorial. I always admire wonderful arrangements that are spilling over with unique out of season flowers purchased at the grocery store or flower shop. There’s so much satisfaction when you’re able to create a beautiful bouquet from flowers purchased at the store. I mean, that’s what you bought them for, right?

My home garden has taken me five plus years to get where it looks today. And it has taken me about that long to get over the “cutters remorse”. I don’t know about you, but I used to feel guilty for cutting down my garden flowers. All that time nurturing them, trying to get them to grow and thrive. I hated the idea of cutting any of my precious flowers! Can anyone else relate to this? Well, as the years have passed, I’ve gotten over the guilt, and now I love to bring my flowers inside my home.

There’s a short period of time in the Summer, when my backyard is bursting with gorgeous flowers! David Austen roses, Incredibal hydrangeas, and lavender all explode into a fireworks show in my little garden. Sadly, just like a real fireworks show, they are over far too quickly. In order to enjoy them while I can, I created a beautiful bouquet that was so simple to make and looked stunning! I’m here to show you how you can make one too!

A closeup of a bouquet of pink garden roses and sprigs of greenery all inside a wicker basket.

This tutorial will help you create an arrangement that will look like it was made by a professional florist. I’m a girl who doesn’t like to toot her own horn, but in this case…I’m tooting! (The horn, that is).

As I mentioned earlier, I created this arrangement with flowers from my very own garden. Obviously, if you don’t have a garden of your own you can always use store bought flowers. Either way, you will end up with a glorious flower arrangement that will look as if you bought it from a flower shop!

Flowers To Choose From:

Let’s take a look at the flowers I had available in my garden for this floral arrangement. It’s okay if you don’t have the exact same flowers as me. No roses? Use those daisies! The trick is to build your display by sizes, and layers.

A close up of a bush of pink garden roses.

These pink beauties are David Austen Scepter’d Isle.

A close up of coral garden roses spilling over a black wrought iron fence.

And these are another David Austen Rose called Jubilee Celebration. I’ll be honest with you…my Jubilee Celebration roses were on their last leg, so there were only a few respectable flowers left to use. The photo you see was when they were in their prime.

Here are the other flowers and plants I used in my garden. Notice I used the branches from my Daphne bush. Never underestimate the use of bushes or branches. They always add a lovely pop of greenery and height within your arrangement.

A close up of a blue bucket filled with various pink, purple and white garden flowers sitting on grass.

They already look so beautiful together! Let’s take these inside and create our beautiful flower arrangement.

Create Your Garden Floral Arrangement:

A crystal bowl filled with water, a vase of white flowers, a vase of pink roses, all on top of a wooden countertop.

I’m using this beautiful crystal bowl that I purchased at an antique store a few years back.

Add your hydrangeas.

Cut the hydrangeas down so they rest on the rim of the bowl.

A close up of a crystal bowl filled with white flowers, and a vase of pink roses, all on top of a wooden countertop.

Add Your Greenery and Lavender.

If you don’t have lavender, substitute it with more greenery or branches!

A bouquet of white and purple flowers with sprigs of greenery on top of a wooden countertop.
Lavender, and Daphne add height and interest to the arrangement.

Remove Unwanted Petals.

Before you add your roses, pick off any brown or “unsightly” petals. I’m quite a flower snob when it comes to this part. We only want the pretty petals.

An upside down pink rose on a wooden countertop.
The brown shriveled petals must go!

Add Those Perfect Roses

Trim the rose stems so that they too sit right on top of the hydrangeas.

A bouquet of pink garden roses and greenery on a wooden countertop, with a clear vase in the background.
Garden floral arrangement completed!

Enjoy Your Arrangement!

I love how they look on my living room coffee table! Aren’t roses just the best? They add a touch of romance to any space.

A crystal vase of pink garden roses and sprigs of greenery on a stack of books inside a living room.
Roses, hydrangeas, and lavender create a gorgeous garden floral arrangement.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will create your own lovely floral arrangement. Remember that it doesn’t matter to have the exact same flowers as me. Use what you have and as a result, your arrangement will be lovely and unique!

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