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Sherwin Williams Shiitake is a favorite greige color of mine. A creamy mushroom paint, I’ve selected this color for our primary bathroom cabinets, as well as our stairway banisters. If you’re on the lookout for a beautiful warm neutral paint that’s neither grey nor beige, then look no further! I’m sharing all the details on this soft dreamy color.

A greige double sink, white countertop, with soap dispensers, flower bouquet, and large mirror above the sink.

Mushroom Colored Cabinets

It was love at first sight when I laid eyes upon my mushroom colored cabinets! Shiitake Sherwin Williams is a neutral color that has longevity. Neither grey nor beige, it’s a perfect combination of the two. Just like a rope is strengthened by the blending of many cords, so is this paint. Its beauty is amplified by taking the best of two neutral colors: beige and grey. Together they make a match made in heaven! A creamy mushroom paint that makes an understated impact.

It was sheer luck, and many years of trial and error that I came upon this color. Tired of my grey walls which had once been a popular trend in many homes, I wanted a neutral color which was warm, soft and airy. My favorite interior designer Sarah Richardson once did a bathroom where she combined grey and beige tiles. The result was stunning and the concept of combining two neutrals together has always stuck with me. I’ve blended beige and grey in my living room decor and I love the results!

A neutral and pink living room filled with furniture, a large television above the fireplace, and a large window.

Sherwin Williams Shiitake: A Creamy Mushroom Paint

Knowing our primary bathroom remodel would most likely have to last us a lifetime, I wanted to play it safe and decided upon a neutral color scheme. Therefore, I decided a creamy color palette would keep things light and breezy and would make it easy to throw in a pop of color if I wanted.

Naturally, I had to make a few mistakes along the way. Thinking I wanted a creamy white bathroom, I initially had our painter do our vanity cabinets in Sherwin Williams Greek Villa. It’s a beautiful white, but against the white quartz countertops, white painted walls, and white subway tile, it looked washed out. I realized the vanity needed to have a bit of contrast. I decided to take a page out of the Sarah Richardson playbook and go with a blend of neutrals: a creamy mushroom paint.

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Shiitake Sherwin Williams

After a very long trip to my local Sherwin Williams, where I agonized just over which samples to take home, I settled on four similar creamy mushroom paint choices. The winner was Sherwin Williams Shiitake. One reason I love this color is that the grey has a tint of green. It provided a bit of coolness to the grey without being too harsh. The beige leans more towards red.

A double sink vanity with flowers, soap dispensers, and glass goblets on top, a large mirror and two brass vanity lights.

Sherwin Williams Shiitake On The Stairway Banister

Because I loved Sherwin Williams Shiitake so much in our primary bathroom, I decided to bring it into our entryway. The banisters definitely needed a little tlc. Although we haven’t been able to rip up the carpet, I figured a mini makeover using paint might do the trick until we can get around to it.

A cream staircase with pictures on the wall, with a small view of the living room in the background.

I’m always amazed by the power of paint! Just by painting the banister and hallway, I lightened and freshened up our entryway on a budget. A few family photos in matching frames on the walls, and it became an entryway I could be proud of!

A cream staircase handrail on a wall with three gold framed pictures.

Sherwin Williams Shiitake blends nicely with a creamy white! Our stairway bannister is painted with Sherwin Williams Shiitake, and the walls are another favorite of mine, Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois.

What Color Is Sherwin Williams Shiitake?

  • Sherwin Williams Shiitake is a neutral greige color. A mixture of both grey and beige, it creates a soft creamy mushroom color. The grey contains an undertone of green and the beige has an undertone of red making it a great warm neutral option for cabinets, bannisters, furniture, and exteriors!

What Is The LRV of Sherwin Williams Shiitake?

  • The LRV (light reflective value) of Sherwin Williams Shiitake is 52.45%

Please note: A LRV of 50% or higher means the color will reflect more light than it will absorb. Because Sherwin Williams Shiitake has a LRV of 52.45, it would be a good choice for rooms that receive some natural light.

Why You Will Love Sherwin Williams Shiitake

  • Adds a soft contrast with white
  • Has red and green undertones
  • Beautiful warm neutral paint choice
  • Looks great with many colors
  • Timeless

Colors That Compliment Sherwin Williams Shiitake

  • Pinks
  • Creams
  • Blues
  • Greens
  • Yellows
  • Whites
A cream staircase and stairway walls with three framed pictures, and a closet door with a hanging flower basket.


  • Creamy
  • Soft
  • Understated

Works Well For

  • Cabinets
  • Book shelves
  • Accent pieces
  • Banisters
  • Furniture


  • Red
  • Green

Style It Fits

  • Traditional
  • Transitional
  • Modern
  • Country

Pairs Well With

  • Sherwin Williams Pearly White
  • Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois
  • Benjamin Moore Navajo White
  • Sherwin Williams Westhighland White
Closeup of a white flower style drawer knob on a greige cabinet.

In conclusion, Sherwin Williams Shiitake makes an excellent greige/neutral paint choice. I couldn’t be happier with this creamy mushroom paint. If you’re looking for a soft and airy color for your bathroom vanity, kitchen cabinets, or any type of furniture, this is definitely a winner!

I might even be so bold to suggest that mushroom colored cabinets are almost as timeless as classic white! It will certainly add a touch of creamy dreaminess to your home. If you’re looking for a neutral color you know you’re going to love for years, give Sherwin Williams Shiitake a try. It is only paint after all, so there’s nothing to loose!

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  1. So beautiful Kristen! You are right, it’s amazing what a bit of paint won’t do to the look and energy of a room. Gorgeous and soothing to the mind. A timeless and elegant look. Love it!

  2. Up in Hidden Springs, oodles of homes were painted with a interior trim that is like Sherwin Williams’ Accessible Beige. I’m trying to *keep* that trim since it matches the vinyl windows perfectly. Do you think this Shiitake would be a good wall color to go with that trim? I’m looking for a yellowish white (the walls are currently like Sherwin-Williams’ Pussy Willow 7643–and I think it was a huge mistake by the former owners because it’s a north-facing home and is so dark; I’m definitely looking for a higher LRV. Would Shiitake work, do you think?

  3. Hi Tonya! I don’t think Shiitake would work with Accessible Beige because the two colors are very similar. I think it might look like you are going for a monochromatic look, but the trim and walls will look a little mismatched. If you’re looking for a yellowish white I suggest Benjamin Moore Navajo white, Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois, or Sherwin Williams Pearly White. Those are all lovely creamy whites. Good luck!

  4. I’m looking to paint a current salmon colored spanish style stucco home. I was considering shiitake with a white trim. I don’t want it to have any pink undertones. Do you have any suggestions. I would like it to be a a neutral color. Don’t like salmon at all!

  5. Hi Cheryl! So Shiitake does have a touch of pink undertones, but it also has green undertones. However, the pink and green undertones together are what create that mushroom-greige color, and it doesn’t read like a salmon color at all. That being said, if you don’t want any pink undertones at all my suggestion would be to stick with cool neutrals as they will have green and blue undertones. Some suggestions would be: Sherwin Williams Pearl Gray, Sherwin Williams On The Rocks, Sherwin Williams Silverpointe, and Sherwin Williams Silver Strand. Hope this helps!

  6. Hi – I am getting new countertops and painting our oak cabinets and walls. Do you think cabinets with Taupe of the Morning would go with Shitake on the walls?

  7. These two colors are similar in tone with Shiitake being a bit darker. If you’re going for a monochromatic look, these two could be a nice match. But definitely do some swatches on the wall to see if you like them together.

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