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Tik Tok’s viral Sheglam blush is blowing my mind! I’m still trying to wrap my head around the $5 liquid blush that’s a straight up Rare Beauty Blush dupe.

Three pink bottles of blush all lined standing up in a row on a white countertop.
Rose Ritual | Float On | Devoted

Although Tik Tok did not make me buy it, I’m thrilled that I did! After falling down a rabbit hole during a random internet beauty search, I accidentally stumbled upon Sheglam liquid blush. A happy accident it was indeed! At $5 per bottle, I was skeptical that a blush so cheap could be so good. However, seeing a product get rave reviews from thousands of beauty gurus on Tik Tok and with a price that low, I figured I had nothing to loose.

Who doesn’t want a fresh and youthful glow? Liquid blush has a unique ability to give our skin a lit from within look. With a variety of formulas, it’s not just for dry skin anymore. Sheglam liquid blush has all skin types covered. From its crazy low price to its long lasting and highly pigmented formula, you’ll see why it’s the blush you never knew you needed.

A Rare Beauty Blush Dupe

I had no intention of discovering any type of Rare Beauty dupe, but fate led me to it. A few months ago, my sister flew out for a much needed visit. After hours of playing catch up, we moved on to one of our favorite topics…makeup. I knew I could count on my sister for some awesome recommendations, and she definitely delivered! She introduced me to Selena Gomez’s makeup line, Rare Beauty.

By far, my favorite product is her liquid blush. Bottled up in a sleek glass cylinder, this product packs a punch! A little goes a long way as this stuff is highly concentrated. The bright pinky-coral shade “Joy” had me ready for a tropical retreat, gazing over crystal blue waters with a Mai Tai in hand.

With a luxury price point, it isn’t cheap, but it’ll last you forever. Still, after trying Sheglam liquid blush I did suffer from buyers remorse, since it’s a legit identical twin to the Rare Beauty formula! After wearing the shades Rose Ritual, Float On, and Devoted, I immediately recognized the similarities to Rare Beauty. Yet Sheglam’s blush has its own unique style, and a price point that can’t be beat!

An upright bottle and an open bottle of pink blush on  a white countertop.

What Is Sheglam Liquid Blush?

It’s a highly pigmented liquid blush with a velvety finish. (Fun fact, Sheglam is also the makeup line for the popular clothing brand, Shein).

  • Liquid blush
  • Highly pigmented
  • Velvety smooth finish
  • Amazing price point

How To Apply Sheglam Blush

A little dab’ll do ya because this blush has some serious pigments! Smooth it over the apples of your cheeks starting at your fleshiest point.

The profile of a brunette woman in a white sweater.
I’m wearing peachy shade “Float On”.

Why You’ll Love Sheglam!

With its insanely low price, silky formula, and superb pigmentation, liquid blush Sheglam is an amazing deal! Unique from your everyday powder blush, the concentrated pigments give this blush lasting power. I had to bust out my micellar cleanser to remove it!

Who Is It For?

  • Makeup newbies
  • Makeup pros
  • Anyone on a budget
  • Anyone who loves high quality makeup products

A Range Of Colors

With 8 beautiful shades ranging from a hint of pink to soft peach, there’s something for everyone! “Float On” gave my fair skin a natural peachy glow. “Rose Ritual” is perfect for the days when you want to feel like an English rose. A pinky peach coral, “Devoted” will have you feeling like a Tahitian goddess! Devoted’s color is almost an identical match to Rare Beauty’s “Joy”, although slightly more muted.

Three swatches of liquid red and peach blush on the inside of an arm.
From top to bottom: “Devoted”, “Rose Ritual”, and “Float On”.
Two swatches of red blush on the inside of an arm.
Left, Sheglam’s “Devoted”. Right, Rare Beauty’s “Joy”.

Is Sheglam Blush Worth The Price?

It’s hard to believe such a pigmented, velvety smooth liquid blush would only cost around $5, but the proof is in the bottle! While Rare Beauty is totally worth its luxury price, you’ll get more bang for your buck with Sheglam blush!

Where else can you find a liquid blush affordable enough to let you play with all 8 shades?

Sheglam Review


Sheglam’s Color Bloom Liquid Blush doesn’t disappoint in the packaging category. The pigmented liquid comes in a solid yet luxurious pink hexagonal jar. With a hint of delicate gold overlay, the bottle will speak to your fancy side.

Quality of Product

Lush, crazy pigmented, and dries to a velvety finish. The tapered sponge is large, making application quick and easy.

Price Point

Competitive to any drugstore makeup line (or perhaps better), you seriously can’t beat the price!

Overall Experience

Sheglam liquid blush looks pretty, makes me feel pretty, and is a breeze to apply. Bottom line, this blush brings me joy, and I give it my gold star of approval!

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Three pink hexagonal bottles of blush  lined up on a white countertop.

Don’t let the affordable price fool you. This liquid blush is too good to pass up!

Rose Ritual | Float On | Devoted

A bottle of pink liquid blush next to an open bottle of pink blush and a lid on a white countertop.

Still a favorite! Rare Beauty Blush

gives a gorgeous pop of color.

Soft Pinch Liquid Blush | Joy

What do you think? Are you a fan of beauty dupes, or do you need the real deal? I’d love to hear from you!

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