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Create a soft and colorful look this spring with pastel eyeliner! Discover the best pastel liners all under $35.

Pastel liners come in a range of colors and formulas which means there’s something for every skin type. Get ideas for incorporating pastel eyeliner into your daily makeup routine.

Visual graph of different eyeliner with text and text box in the center, all on a floral background.

With winter coming to an end, you might be finding yourself ready to try a fresh, new makeup look. One easy way to make eyes stand out, is with a pretty pastel eyeliner.

Just like a gorgeous peach blush, pastel liners are super wearable. These soft sorbet colors pair perfectly with all shades of skin tones ranging from light to dark.

For more wearable lid shades, check out my post on Julep Eyeshadow.

Depending on the look you’re going for, pastel eyeliner can be as subtle or dramatic as you want it to be. It all depends on the formula you choose and the techniques used to apply it.

With its softer palette, you can also use pastel eyeliner to make eyes look bigger.

If you’re ready to have some fun with color, stick around because I’m sharing all of the best pastel liners that will help you achieve almost any eye look!

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Different Types of Eyeliner

  • Pastel liquid eyeliner – With a steady hand, you can achieve striking graphic lines filled with intense pigments.
  • Gel eyeliner – Pencil or pot form, gel pastels tend to be highly pigmented and set to a smudge-proof finish.
  • Felt tip – With the right formula, a pastel felt tip liner can help you achieve precision application.
  • Pencil – Perfect for softer eye looks, pastel pencils are easy to apply and tend to be less pigmented than their gel and liquid cousins.

How Do You Wear Pastel Eyeliner?

In the Waterline

Awaken tired eyes with a pop of pastel liner in the lower waterline.

Wing it

Use a liquid or gel pastel liner for a graphic cat eye.

Smudge it Out

Line the upper and lower lash line with pastel liner, then smudge it out for a soft, pretty effect.

Floating Eyeliner

Get on trend with a floating eyeliner drawing a gel or pencil pastel liner in the crease of the lids.

With Neutral Shadows and Liners

Can’t live without your neutral grays, browns, and black liners? You can still create your daily defined look, just top it off with a pretty pop of pastel. It’s also a great way to play with pastels on mature eyes.

Closeup of brunette woman with blue eyeliner.
I’m wearing ColourPop’s Creme Gel Color in “Prance”.


Add a subtle pop of pastel color to the upper lash line.

Closeup of brunette woman applying eye makeup.

Color Block

Have fun with color on the eye area. Try one pastel shade on top, and another on the bottom for an eye catching look.

What Color Liner Will Make My Eyes Pop?

A small amount of eyeliner in a shade complimentary to your own can add big impact.

  • Blue eyes – Peachy shades and creamy yellows.
  • Green eyes – Lilac, lavenders, and soft pinks.
  • Hazel eyes – Soft greens, chartreuse, lilacs, and lavenders.
  • Brown eyes – All pastel shades.

Best Pastel Eyeliners

Shop and discover your perfect pastel liner!

Set of rainbow eyeliners in a pink holder.

Pastel Pencil Eyeliner Set

Colourpop’s 12 gorgeous gel liners are perfect for creating fun spring and summer eye looks.

Liner Duo

Light blue on one end, navy on the other. Estée Lauder’s duo liner allows you to create looks perfect for day to night.

Blue eyeliner with two swatches next to it.
Pink eyeliner with the lid next to it.

Pastel Shadow Stick

Elf’s shadow stick lines eyes with a pretty pastel pop of pink!

Jumbo Pearl Liner

The pearly shimmer found in NYX’s liner is perfect for highlighting brows, the inner corner of the eyes, and the waterline.

White eyeliner with white swatch above it.
Light purple liner on white background.

Shimmery Lilac Liner

Pixi Beauty’s waterproof eyeliner adds an eye opening pop of lilac to the waterline.

Sunshine Pastel Dreams

L.A. Girl Cosmetics are easy glide, creamy pastel liners at an affordable price! Check out all six pretty shades.

Yellow liner with large yellow swatch behind it.
Peach eyeliner with the removed lid on white background.

Peaches and Cream

MAC’s line of gel liners come in a range of stunning vibrant shades and soft pastels. With names like “Stage5 Clinger” and “Permanent Vacation”, what’s more to love?

Pastel Shimmer Eyeliner

Sephora’s multi-sticks come in matte, shimmer, and glitter finishes. This glittery peachy-rose gold would look gorgeous on the lash line of any skin tone!

Large eyeliner with swatch on a white background.
Green eyeliner with lid next to it on a white background.

Key Lime Pie

Maybelline’s tattoo liners are affordable and fun. The best pastel shade is this bright and dreamy lime!

Ultra Thin Pastel Liquid Eyeliner

These fun liquid eyeliners from H&M come in cute mini tubes and a variety of colors.

Three pastel liquid liners on white background.
Set of pastel makeup pots on white background.

Pastel Pots

Colourpop’s pastel gel eyeliner set offers nine gorgeous shades at an amazing price point!

Precision Pen Liner

Dior’s line of liquid liners are waterproof, matte, and ultra pigmented.

Green liquid eyeliner on white background.
Open bottle of eyeliner with a large pink swatch on the left.

Liquid Shimmer Liner

Charlotte Tilbury’s infamous “Pillow Talk” line now comes in liquid liner form. This pretty pink is all sorts of fun with color-changing shimmer.

Gel Pencil Liner

Julep’s gel formulation comes in an easy to sharpen pencil. There’s also over 30 gorgeous shades to choose from!

Purple liner with a swatch  next to it, all on a white background.
Open jar of blue eyeshadow on white background.

3-in-1 Pot Liner

KVD Beauty’s pot liners can be used as a brow liner, eyeliner, and eyeshadow depending on which brush you use. This pretty blue shade is the summer sky in a jar!

Liner in a Tube

Release your inner artist with Depixym’s Cosmetic Emulsion. This little tube can be used for cheeks, lips, and eyes. Use it to get a graphic pastel liner!

Tube of cream shadow with large swatch underneath it.
Light blue eyeliner with cap.

Sky Blue Shadow Stick

Shadow sticks are awesome since they’re basically an eyeshadow and liner in one. Urban Decay’s line is waterproof and long lasting. Perfect for summer heat!

Pastel Glitter Liner

Another eye catching color by Urban Decay! How pretty is this glittery pastel liquid eyeliner?

Tube of sparkly pink liner.
Orange eyeliner with swatch next to it.

Peachy Pen Liner

Stila Cosmetics crafted the most beautiful shimmery peach shade. Use the pen as a liner or shadow, and enjoy up to 16 hours of wear time.

Are you a fan of pastel eyeliner? Share your favorite way to wear these pretty shades in the comments section below!

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