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Marbling with acrylic paint was a trend that looked fun to do, but I wasn’t sure where I could hang it on my walls. Then I figured a set of DIY acrylic ornaments would work perfectly on my tree. A Christmas tree makes for the perfect backdrop for a variety of ornaments! Some people like a themed tree, others want a more eclectic look. Whatever look you’re going for, you can customize your marbled ornaments to your liking. All you need to know is how to marble acrylic paint, and the rest is a matter of aiming and pouring!

Closeup of a blue marbled bulb ornament on a flocked tree.

I’m ashamed to admit I’ve neglected our Christmas tree for many years. I love Christmas and I love beautifully decorated trees, but I always pass on buying ornaments because I think, “I’ll buy them after Christmas when they’re on sale.” Well guess what. I have never bought ornaments on sale after Christmas. So for the past 10 years we have been decorating our tree with a plastic set I bought at a big box store the first year my husband and I were married. They match and got the job done, but I certainly don’t love them.

Homemade Ornaments

This year I wanted to put more effort into making my tree look nice. I decided to create ornaments that were beautiful, but also budget friendly. Slices of dried oranges, green thin velvet ribbon tied in a bow, and diy acrylic ornaments made for affordable and beautiful Christmas tree adornments. Now I’m set to add a little more each Christmas, which will hopefully making my tree better in time! Marbling with acrylic paint is a fun and affordable way to create beautiful homemade ornaments. There’s no reason to go broke in one holiday. Take your time and add a little to your tree each year. It will make your Christmas collection all the more special!

Marbling With Acrylic Paint

I remember making diy acrylic ornaments in Kindergarten. Needless to say, this is a technique that has been around for a while! It was such a mesmerizing craft back then, and it still is today. Marbling with acrylic paint is the technique to make diy acrylic ornaments, and it couldn’t be easier! The result is a beautifully marbled glass ornament that will cost you a few dollars to make. There are a few tips and tricks to remember, but once you give it a few practice runs, you will be marbling like a pro.

Why You Should Make DIY Acrylic Pour Ornaments

  • They’re beautiful!
  • Simple to make
  • Budget friendly
  • Can easily add to your collection each year!
Closeup of a blue marbled bulb ornament on a flocked tree.

Marbling with acrylic paint is fun and easy way to make something beautiful. These ornaments make beautiful gifts for friends or co-workers. They are also a great project to do with children!

Products For Marbling With Acrylic Paint:

  • A variety of acrylic paint – I used a mixture of gloss and matte acrylic paints. Both worked well and provided nice coverage on the inside of the ornaments.
  • Glass or clear plastic ball ornaments – Both glass and plastic work well, but I love glass as it is a delicate and beautiful material. If you have little ones, plastic will definitely be more kid proof!
  • Mini paper cups – These make for easy pouring.
  • A toothpick or stick – Use these for gently swirling paint.
  • Ribbon – Velvet or satin ribbon adds an elegant touch!
  • A cup or jar to allow paint to drip
Various acrylic paints, ribbon, glass ornaments, and a jar on a wooden countertop.

Adding a pretty thin velvet ribbon elevates the ornament, giving it an even more exquisite look! If you want your tree to have a more “fancy” look, swapping out the cheap ornament hooks with a pretty ribbon will definitely elevate your tree’s look!

Closeup of blue and green marbled ornaments and mint candies on a wooden tray.

How To Make DIY Acrylic Ornaments

  1. Layer paint in small paper cup – Slightly tilt your cup and allow paint to pour down the side of the cup. Layer the paint.
Closeup of green, white, and gold acrylic paint, swirled together in a white cup on a wooden countertop.

2. Swirl paint – Using a thin stick or toothpick, gently swirl the paint. Do not, I repeat, do not over swirl! Just one swoop is all you need!

Closeup of a cup filled with green, white, and gold acrylic paint swirled together with a stick.

3. Pour paint into the ornament – This part takes a little bit of dexterity. Pour the paint into the ornament, while slowly turning the ornament. This is help give the paint the marbled look.

A glass ornament being filled with marbled acrylic paint on a wooden countertop.

4. Allow ornament to drip – Once the ornament has been completely coated in paint, place upside down in a jar or cup and allow remnants to drip out.

A green marbled ornament resting upside down in a glass jar on a wooden countertop.

5. Allow ornament to completely dry – Once the paint completely drips out, place ornaments in a carton or plate upright and allow it to dry completely overnight.

A group of green marbled ornaments in an egg carton.

6. Hang your ornament – Tie a beautiful ribbon to the ornament and hang it on your tree!

Closeup of a blue marbled ornament on a flocked Christmas tree.


DIY acrylic pour ornaments would make a wonderful gift for anyone! Their simplicity and beauty make for an easy diy gift that can be customized to anyone’s liking! They are also super affordable and can be made in large batches.

An Easy Craft For Kids

Marbling with acrylic paint is a wonderful craft for littles. Who doesn’t find satisfaction in watching gooey, runny paint swirl together in a cup? I know I did as a kid, and I still do today!


  • Don’t over stir your paint layers – One gentle swirl is all you need! Over stir and your colors will run together into one solid color. The less you stir the stronger your marbling will be.
  • Use at least three colors – You will get the best look using 3 or 4 colors.
  • Repeat patterns – If you create a layer of 4 colors, repeat it again once or twice. You will get a lots of beautiful swirls of colors.
  • Allow the ornament to dry completely overnight

Marbling with acrylic paint is fast, easy, affordable and adds a touch of beauty to your tree. It’s easy and fun for young and old, crafty and non-crafty. If you give this a try and enjoyed it, comment down below!

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Julie Blanner
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