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The Julep eyeshadow stick works so good on my oily lids, I almost threw out my powder shadows!

After falling in love with the Julep Eyeshadow 101 Creme-to-Powder Eyeshadow Stick, I felt compelled to get the word out to my fellow peeps with oily lids. Don’t spend years without cream eyeshadows like I did. Julep’s eyeshadow stick has an incredible cream formula that won’t crease or smudge (no matter how slick your lids are).

Learn how to apply Julep eyeshadow 101 like a pro! Get full product details including why Julep’s coverage and consistency makes it an awesome Laura Mercier Caviar Stick dupe.

Silver tray filled with various makeup and skincare items on a white counter.

If you’ve ever experienced cream shadow’s annoying side effects such as smudging and creasing, don’t fret! Today’s cream shadows come in a variety of formulas, designed to give you gorgeous color payoff and a creaseless finish.

Say goodbye to the days of pesky fallout. Cream formulas stay put, making them perfect for an easy smokey eye. In addition, shimmer formulas are generally more intense than their powder cousins so they’re perfect for adding a little glam to your lids. These creamy wonders are super versatile, working double time as eye primers, eyeliners, and even highlighters!

While not all cream eyeshadows are created the same, formula isn’t always to blame for creasing. Once you’ve found your perfect cream shadow, achieving a smooth creaseless finish requires proper application and technique. Once you have these two elements down, your lids will be as smooth as butter all day long! Julep Eyeshadow 101 was the creamy stick formula my oily eyelids needed.

Keep reading my Julep eyeshadow stick review for full details.

The Formula

Julep’s creamy formula glides over the delicate eyelids without pulling or tugging. However it’s not too creamy that it’ll smear, giving you the dreaded raccoon eyes. With an abundance of silicones, waxes, and film formers, it’s no surprise that the stick is 100% waterproof. This cream shadow didn’t budge even after my long shower! Julep’s formula is long wearing, giving me a solid 8 hours of wear.

The Applicator

Precision is a breeze since Julep’s cream shadow comes in a sleek tube. Being a sucker for pretty packaging, I love the high end look of Julep’s amethyst colored metallic applicator. You’ll find an adjustable cream shadow stick on one end, and a tapered sponge smudger on the other.

The Color Range

You’re not going to find any bright neon yellows or electric blues in this shadow stick lineup. Julep’s eyeshadow range is designed to enhance what nature gave you. These pretty cream shadows come in three finishes. Choose from 9 inclusive matte shadows perfect for any skin tone, 14 sultry shimmer shades, and 5 eye catching metallic shades.

Color Intensity

Julep’s matte cream shadows offer a solid medium coverage, making these perfect for the novice makeup wearer or anyone who lacks precision (including me). Because the pigments aren’t too intense, they’re very forgiving towards mistakes. If you’re planning to star in a cabaret, these cream shadows might not be your top choice. The shimmer and metallic sticks are slightly sheerer than their matte sisters, but the sparkles are finely milled and radiant. Who says mature women can’t wear shimmer?


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Julep’s Creme-to-Powder 101 Eyeshadow Stick

“Desert” | “Champagne” | “Mink Mauve” | “Stone”

More Ways to Use Julep’s Eyeshadow Sticks

  • Primer – Grab a shade close to your natural skin tone and use it as an eye primer.
  • Highlighter – The light shimmer and metallic cream sticks are perfect for brightening the corner of the eyes, cupids bow, and along the brown bone.
  • Lips – For extra impact, smooth the shimmer or metallic cream sticks on top of your lipstick.
  • Eyeliner – Line your eyes with Julep’s shadow sticks as a soft smokey liner.
  • Waterline – Make eyes appear bigger and brighter! Line your upper and lower waterline with matte shadow sticks in the shades desert or vanilla.

A Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Dupe

The Caviar Stick sets the gold standard for all cream shadows. Here are five reasons why Julep eyeshadow is pretty much Mercier’s twin.

  1. Similar in consistency – Although Julep’s creme-to-powder formula is slightly drier than the Caviar Stick’s, both are creamy and blend effortlessly.
  2. Longevity – Both gave me the same 8 full hours of wear.
  3. Waterproof – Neither will wash off in the pool.
  4. Creaseless – Julep and the Caviar Stick provide a smooth finish without creasing.
  5. Easy to apply – Precision is a breeze since both cream shadows come in an adjustable stick.

Caviar Stick vs. Julep Shadow Stick: Which is Better?

It’s such a close call. Don’t get me wrong, while both formulas are beautiful, the Caviar Stick has a bit more intensity and a larger selection of colors. However, at nearly half the price of the Caviar Stick, Julep’s cream shadow wins hands down for affordability!

Silver tray filled with various makeup and skincare items on a white counter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are matte or shimmer cream eyeshadows better?

It depends on the look you want. Light matte cream shadows create a flawless base and add light to areas drawing them forward. Dark and medium matte cream shadows add depth. Shimmery formulas add dimension. For an everyday look, you’ll get more wear out of matte cream shadows. However, using shimmer and matte shadows together will give you a look with the most interest!

Is Julep hypoallergenic?

The FDA doesn’t have regulations governing the term “hypoallergenic” in cosmetics, therefore each company may have their own definition. Julep Beauty doesn’t make any claims offering hypoallergenic products. If you know you have a particular allergy to any ingredient, always read the back label before using.

Why doesn’t my cream eyeshadow stick?

Chances are you haven’t found the right formula yet. Play around with different brands till you find one that works best with your skin type. Reading lots of reviews like this one also helps. You can also try using an eye primer or a light matte shadow on the lids before applying your cream shadows.

Is Julep clean makeup?

The FDA doesn’t have a definition for the term “clean” in cosmetics. Therefore beauty and cosmetic companies are free to create their own meanings. Julep Beauty products are both paraben and SLS free.

How to Apply Julep Eyeshadow

Time needed: 5 minutes

Step by step instructions to get a chic, everyday look using Julep’s matte and shimmer eyeshadow sticks.

  1. Prime lids.

    Select one of Julep’s matte cream shadows in a color close to your skin tone. I’m using “Desert”. Swipe it across your lids blending up towards your crease and brow bone using either a tapered eyeshadow brush, fingers, or the built in smudger.Closeup of a brunette woman applying cream eyeshadow on her lids.

  2. Define your crease.

    Rub one of Julep’s dark or medium matte shadows onto the back of your hand. I’m applying the shade “Stone”. Swirl your tapered eyeshadow brush into the shadow. Begin blending around the lash line, sweeping it into your crease. Blend, blend, blend, and if you think you’ve blended enough, blend some more. Repeat until you get the depth you want.Closeup of a brunette woman applying cream eyeshadow on her lids with eyeshadow brush.

  3. Line the lower lash line.

    Using the same medium or dark matte shadow stick, sweep it along your lower lash line. Use the smudger to soften the edges. Closeup of brunette woman applying cream eyeshadow on her lower lash line.

  4. Add dimension with shimmer.

    Apply one of Juelp’s metallic or shimmer sticks directly onto your lids. Swipe from the inner corner of the eye, to the middle lid bringing it up to the crease. I’m applying Julep’s shimmer shade “Champagne”. Blend it out with either your fingers, brush, or the smudger. Closeup of a brunette woman applying shimmery cream eyeshadow on her lids.

  5. Add mascara.

    Finish the look adding mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Closeup of a brunette woman smiling and looking sideways.

Do you love cream eyeshadows as much as I do? Comment below!

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