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Wondering if you should try E.l.f Cosmetics Putty Blush? Get everything you’ll want to know in this Elf Putty Blush Review!

From E.l.f. Putty Blush Swatches to individual color breakdowns, I’ve tried and tested the entire Putty Blush line to help you find your perfect shade! Plus, learn tips for getting a flawless application.

Collage of pink cream blush, woman wearing blush, with text on white background in the middle.

E.l.f. Cosmetics is hands down one of my favorite drugstore brands, proving time after time with their award-winning makeup! Their cream Putty Blush is no exception. It’s easily become one of my favorite blushes, and I’m so excited to share what I love about it with you!

If you’ve been on the hunt for a holy grail cream blush, then you need to give these blushes a try. In addition to their affordable drugstore price, these cream blushes add the most beautiful, healthy glow to your complexion! 

Besides a big smile, nothing adds more life and youthfulness to the face than a good blush.  And E.l.f’s Putty Blush is like a jar of joy. The company figured out how to bottle up that post vacation glow, and rosy pink cheeks found on a sweet sleepy baby.

Whether you’re a seasoned makeup pro, or a bare face minimalist, there’s a Putty Blush designed to bring out your best glow. I’m super excited to share with you why it’s become one of my favorite beauty finds!

You know I love sharing drugstore makeup gems with you! For more favorites, head to my Pixi on the Glow Blush, and Sheglam Blush reviews.

By the end of this review, I hope you’ll want to try E.l.f Putty Blush out for yourself, and maybe even try a color that takes you out of your comfort zone. (Spoiler alert, this color lineup is stunning, and super flattering on all skin tones!)

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E.l.f. Putty Blush

All eight shades in E.l.f.’s lightweight putty blush falls somewhere between a cream blush and a cheek tint. The cream-to-powder formula melts into skin leaving a flushed-from-within glow that sets to a semi-matte powder finish.

The buildable formula lets you create a look that’s soft and natural or bright and bold. Either way, this blush mimics the look of a healthy, tropical island flush. (Even if you don’t live anywhere near the equator).

The cream to powder formula is perfect for all skin types. It’s emollient but not greasy, and the powdery finish looks and feels soft and buttery.

What I love most about this cream blush is how it melts into the skin, creating a flush that looks like it’s really your own.


The finish of these blushes are stunning. Neither too opaque or too sheer, it has the perfect amount of pigments giving a gorgeous pop of color, while still allowing your skin to shine through.


Named after tropical islands, the colors are bright and vivd but blend out to look very natural. (Of course you can build up the intensity with more layers).

The shades all range from cool, warm, and neutral undertones in pretty pinks, peaches, corals, and deep bronzy reds. There’s something for everyone.

Who is it For?

Putty Blush should work on all skin types including sensitive skin since it’s free of phthalates, parabens, talc, and sulfates.

If you love a blush and highlighter combo, E.l.f. also has a line of shimmery cream blushes, found only at Ulta.

E.l.f. Products Deliver:

  • Minimal packaging to create less waste.
  • Vegan and leaping bunny stamp of approval for cruelty-free goodness.

Putty Blush Shades

If you’re wondering which color to try out first, I’ve got you covered! Keep scrolling for color details and swatches so you get a sense of how these blushes play out on the skin.

Open jar of pink cream blush.

Bora Bora

An enlivening bright pink blush with cool undertones.

Looks good on: light to medium skin tones with cool undertones.

Elf Putty Blush Tahiti

A peachy mix of browns, pinks, and oranges.

Looks good on: All skin tones.

Open jar of cream peach blush.

Lid and open jar of peach cream blush.

Turks and Caicos

A warm peachy-pink that gives a vibrant, island glow.

Looks good on: light, medium, and dark skin tones with warm or neutral undertones.


A warm brownish peach, gives cheeks a soft tropical glow.

Looks good on: Medium and dark skin or anyone with warm undertones.

Open jar of cream blush with black lid leaning on the rim.

Open jar of pink cream blush.

Elf Putty Blush Caribbean

A deep, blushing reddish pink with cool undertones. (Very similar to Benefit’s Rose Benetint).

Looks good on: All skin tones with cool and neutral undertones.


A hot reddish coral.

Looks good on: Medium and dark skin tones.

Open jar of orange cream blush.

Open jar of purple-red blush with lid in upper right corner.


A deep brownish-red that leans more towards the cool and neutral undertones and a naturally flushed tint.

Looks good on: All skin tones. Perfect for a natural, rush of blood to the cheeks type of flush.


A deep reddish-brown (and my personal favorite). Bali is almost blood-like in color, giving cheeks a healthy, post workout flush.

Looks good on: All skin tones.

Open jar of brown cream blush with lid in upper left corner.

How to Apply E.l.f. Putty Blush

You can use your fingers or a brush, depending on your personal preference. I like using my fingers, since body heat helps gently melt the waxes. It also starts you off with softer layers, and you can build up as needed.

If you want more color intensity, E.l.f’s Putty Blush Brush is an easy way to apply more product with just a few taps.


  1. Using clean fingers, swirl your ring finger around the blush. (This helps melt the waxes, making the product easier to apply).
  2. Tap a small amount of putty blush onto the fleshiest part of your cheeks, (directly below your pupils)
  3. Use your clean middle finger to blend the blush out, swiping up the cheekbones towards your hairline.
  4. Feather out the edges to soften any harsh lines.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 till you get the flush you love!

Putty Blush Brush

  1. Swirl brush into product till bristles are coated in color.
  2. Starting at the fleshy bit beneath the pupils, gently stipple the brush up and around the cheekbone.
  3. Using clean fingers or foundation brush, soften the edges to prevent harsh lines.
  4. Repeat the process till you get the flush you love.

Elf Putty Blush Swatches

Arm swatches of 8 cream blushes all labeled and 8 open jars of blush to the right.

What’s your favorite drugstore makeup brand or product? Share your beauty finds in the comments section below. (I love hearing from you!)

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