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Today I’m sharing a roundup of some of my favorite classic and neutral Christmas decor! In addition to a snow flocked Christmas tree, neutral Christmas stockings, and fake evergreen trees, I love the look of traditional furniture and fixtures that also add to the cozy Christmas vibe. Wood furniture, a plush couch, and fixtures in a warm lacquered brass are some of my favorite living room items!

Over the years, some traditions have changed…it seems like we’re buying more fake evergreen trees over fresh. As a kid I never thought people would want a fake tree! (How wrong I was!) I love that each family has their own set of traditions that bring warmth and comfort during the Christmas season!

A collage with various Christmas trees and home decor with numbers next to them.

Warm Lacquered Brass

It’s not called warm lacquered brass for no reason! This finish definitely brings a layer of warmth and coziness that goes beautifully with whatever Christmas decor you may have! Lately, I have really fallen in love with this metal finish. There is something timeless and elegant to a warm lacquered brass fixture. It looks beautiful with practically any color palette, but I especially love it against a warm white wall, or a creamy mushroom paint color. The first time I used this metal finish was in our primary bathroom remodel, and I have plans to switch up more of our fixtures throughout our house with this finish in the future!

My Favorite Snow Flocked Christmas Tree

If you don’t mind the mess, a beautiful snow flocked Christmas tree is always a timeless addition to your holiday home. Growing up where there was no snow, I craved the sight of a snow covered evergreen more than anything during the holiday season. I love this flocked tree from Wayfair! It comes in 9 or 7.5 feet, and has such a natural look!

A flocked Christmas tree.

The Best Fake Evergreen Trees

Fake evergreen trees have become a holiday staple in many homes across the country. Dare I say, they could even be more popular real ones? Fake evergreen trees have come along way in appearance over the years. Nowadays many look so real it’s difficult to tell whether it’s fake or not! In my humble opinion the pros to owning a faux tree definitely outweigh the cons. They’re eco friendly, will save you money in the long run, and you don’t have to worry about your crazy cousin’s dog drinking up its water! I have to admit, there are a few things that a real tree has over the fake, including the wonderful scent!. There’s nothing better than the smell of a fresh pine tree wafting throughout your house.

Today, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite fake evergreen trees if you’ve been thinking of in investing in one for the upcoming holiday season! I love the mini potted tree and think it would be perfect for a person who wants the holiday cheer from a tree, with the ease to put up and take down.

Why I Love Neutral Christmas Stockings

You can’t go wrong with neutral Christmas stockings. Over the years my tastes have changed. I’ve gone from loving red and green, green and blue, gold and silver, and the list goes on! If you like to change your color scheme as I do, a set of beautiful neutral Christmas stockings will see you through all your changes over the years.

Three cream stockings and a group of brass bells hanging on a fireplace decorated with greenery.

Traditional Furniture

When it comes to the holidays, nothing looks better decked out in holiday finest than traditional furniture. Lately I’ve been loving natural materials such as light cottons, sumptuous wool rugs, real wood, and straw baskets. Timeless elements such as these will look beautiful for years to come and will be enhanced with whatever holiday decor you choose to use!

Classic and Neutral Christmas Decor: The Extras

I had to throw in these extra decor items because they are just so pretty! I love how simple and natural the materials are. The copper tree skirt is a unique and timeless item. The evergreen lantern is so gorgeous! I could see it hanging in the middle of the living room or outside on a covered porch.

Christmas is my favorite holiday! I love that each year, I can pull out sentimental items that make our house a warm and cozy place to celebrate the season. And let me know if you prefer a fake evergreen or a real evergreen in the comments section below!

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A collage of various Christmas trees and home decor with numbers next to each one.

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